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Ayurvedic Nutrition

Nutrition has always been my passion, and I will argue a lot on this site that it should be one of yours, too. Health begins on our plates—so can disease. If you desire vibrancy in your life, begin by examining your food choices.

If this is or has been difficult for you, you are undoubtedly American or live in a country where processed American foodstuffs and fast food have infiltrated your otherwise healthy culinary landscape. The result is that Americans are the among the most obese populations in the world.

I would contend that many, if not most, American adults exist somewhere on a spectrum of eating disordered behavior. If you recognize yourself somewhere on this continuum or have been diagnosed with obesity, Type II diabetes, or a clinical-level eating disorder, you are neither alone nor at fault. We live in a world where the basic function of feeding ourselves has been pirated by large, greedy companies who push poisonous foodstuffs specifically engineered to get us hooked—while the diet and fitness industry profit on your resulting misery and sell unachievable (and often dangerous) ideals.

In other words, it’s a big, hot, stinking mess.

Among myriad choices and conflicting scientific literature about how to do something that should be an innate human behavior called eating, what do you believe? What approach is best?

Ayurveda may have an answer.

I first came to Ayurveda during menopause because of its emphasis on proper digestion. A basic tenant is that we are not “what we eat” but “what we digest.” This is largely predicated on eating seasonal, freshly prepared foods appropriate for your individual body-mind type called a dosha.

You can think of this as putting regular, premium, or diesel gasoline in a specific model of car.

My approach to Ayurveda is to use these basic principles and apply them practically in a Western-style environment. Nothing works unless it can be implemented consistently, which is why most diets fail.

When it comes to Ayurveda, there are some approaches out there that emphasize a rather strict philosophy where certain foods and food combinations are forbidden, vegetarianism is not optional, and expensive, internationally-sourced herbs are recommended along with lifestyle routines that are too lengthy for the average working person in the contemporary landscape.

My approach is more flexible and adaptive. We begin where you’re at and progress from there, incorporating only those changes that are actually doable. The goal is to get you eating more in tune with your own body’s needs as a natural reflex to how you feel at that particular moment—and it’s wholly possible!

All client relationships begin with an initial consultation which involves numerous questionnaires and an interview to determine your dosha, evaluate where you’re at now, and begin to carve a path forward. I do recommend you book follow-up appointments to ensure success.

For those for whom individual sessions are currently out of reach financially, I encourage you to sign up for email alerts  to notify you of new informational blog posts and educational webinars to be held in the future. 

You’ve landed in the right place—balance IS possible!

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