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Hi, I’m Ally. I’m a recovering anorectic, food addict, and corporate finance and marketing survivor. I’m also a certified Ayurveda nutritionist, Tarot reader, former magazine Food Editor with an undergraduate degree in Hospitality, certified Thai yoga therapist, herbalist dabbler, and creator of Sound Body Sound Mind.

I’ve been ill most of my life, from recurrent strep throat as a child to mononucleosis that lasted a year in college, to recurring bouts of food poisoning that landed me in the hospital at least a half a dozen times. I suffered from clinical anorexia nervosa from age twelve to fourteen, a period during which my father passed away from colon cancer.

Moreover, I don’t find that any of this supports my mental health.

In a nearly lifelong search to feel well, I’ve tried countless modalities. The two I’m well-versed in and share here are Ayurvedic nutrition and Tarot. If you desire to feel emotionally free and full of zest, you’ll find oodles of information here on the best dietary approach for you—free of popular nutrition fallacies (I’m pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition)—as well as Tarot insight to challenge your psyche and help you understand your behavior.


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Season’s Readings

At North Country Hard Cider


38 Littleworth Road Dover, New Hampshire

Saturday, December 30, 2023

1 PM to 6 PM

Find out what’s in store for ‘24 with Tarot

15 minutes includes your personal 2024 and 4-card spread - $20

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